What are your most challenging goals? Do you have a project you need help realizing? Do you feel pressure to meet expectations? Are you trying to define your vision? Working one-on-one with a coach can create practical and sensible actions.  

Paul Daniel is an ICF-certified transformational life coach.

Are you looking for career guidance?  Are you an artist struggling to move forward with projects? Are you an activist who may be frustrated by lack of progress in your community?  Are you looking to be a part of more positive change in the world? Let’s unearth the soil to embark on an exploratory journey. Let's embrace your expansiveness.

We explore ways to deepen your alignment to everything you want to experience, no matter how big or how small. Allow yourself to be surprised! While this can be very fun and visionary, the intention is to become grounded to your goals. We unearth your soil and use this clay to sculpt a new vision of possibility. With our curiosity, we bring a sense of freedom to your potential.

Explore. Expand. Traverse.