Multiverse Coaching brings about self-empowerment through the exploration of your values while embracing the wide spectrum of possibility. In this creative space, we explore your authentic vision with a deep purpose. You're invited to create a transformative vision through your freedom of experience.

Paul Daniel is an ICF-certified transformational life coach. Coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. He brings a skillset and mindset that taps into the resourcefulness of people to initiate creative solutions. Paul's coaching comes from a perspective that all people have an innate value and an ability to bring about transformational changes to themselves and the world around us.

Paul grew up in the suburban deciduous forest of southern New Jersey. The combination of his exposure to nature, cultural diversity, and artistic expression planted the seeds for a creative life. His adulthood, spent mostly in Brooklyn NY, has brought an explosion of creative experiences and has deepened his cultural understandings. He is an activist for environmental and social justice. Life in the city has also brought an emphasized need for connection to the natural world. Paul is conscious about the benefits of ecotherapy and appreciates his time in nature.  

Explore. Expand. Traverse.